Lemon Peel Weight Loss Drink – That Works Best

October 25, 2019

Today in this post I will share with you a magical weight loss drink. No-Diet, No-Exercise – Drink This Magical Water to Lose Weight.

This is indeed a fantastic trick for fast weight loss, in a just second week of regular use you can feel the difference in your weight

To prepare this weight loss drink, you will need just one ingredient, and that is lemon

  • Take 4-5 lemons, wash them in drinking water
  • Squeeze juice of all these lemons, separate seeds. Here we will need peel also so do not throw them out
  • In a pan take 2 liters of water. Add lemon peel is this and boil the water for 30 minutes
  • After 30 minutes filter this peeles water
  • Add juice of a lemon in this water
  • Your wеight loss drink is ready, Transfer this drink to bottle
  • You have to drink one glass of this water 1 hour before every meal

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