July 3, 2019

Everyone wants to look attractive and fit, but losing and maintaining weight isn’t a simple task. Most diets don’t work, and people are always focusеd on the wrong aspect. In order to be able to lose weight, you need to be consistent and patient and change your diet as well. Cut down your sugar intake, eat fruit and vegetables more often, consume healthy oils and fats and increase your protein intake as well. You also need to eat your last meal at about 7 PM, exercise regularly and eat 3 smaller meals a day.

All of this should work well in the long run, but sometimes, weight gain is causеd by hormonal imbalance and pretty difficult to resolve. In this case, you should use a different approach. The food we eat has a direct impact on our hormones, and one of the major factors for obesity or being overweight is the stress hormone cortisol. Below you can see a simple 3-step approach which will activate your fat-burning hormones and help you lose weight with no side-effects.


If you’re eating cookies, processed food and starchy vegetablеs often and drinking big amounts of alcohol every day you’re probably taking in too much sugаr. These foods are rich in sugar and carbs which can provide an energy boost, but the body will use it instead of burning your fat reserves, result in weight gain.


  • Eat vegetables more often

You must start eating vegetables such as beans and greens more often. They are full of fiber which will improve your digestion and help you lose weight. You can eat veggies any way you like – fresh, boiled, steamed or made into a salad.

  • Juicing

Juicing fruit and vegetables is a great way of intaking essential nutrients. People who are suffering from high blood sugar levels can try juicing parsley, celery, kale and spinach. If you’re looking to add more protein in your diet, you can go with cauliflower, asparagus or string beans. You can sweeten the juices up with some apples, carrots and beats, and adding 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds in will substitute a meal.

  • Consume vegetable protein and healthy fats

When trying to lose weight, it’s best to substitute all animal protein with vegetable protein that can be found in legumes. Replace the butter with some coconut oil, and the sunflower oil with olive oil. Reduce the consumption of carbs and include whole grains in your diet, and always go for a half instead of a full serving. The body needs proteins for the build of muscles and tissue – by consuming protein, you will help the body repair tissues and stay full for longer. Make sure to include some healthy fats in your meals as well, or you will end up craving unhealthy delights.


One of the major factors for losing weight is not eating after 7 PM. Your latest meal should be in 4 or 5 PM. You will help your body burn more fat by eating 3 small meals or 2 meals and a salad for dinner. Soft drinks are highly forbidden as is alcohol – you’re only allowed herbal teas and lemon water.

Skipping meals is forbidden as well – you can go for early dinner or late breakfast, but never skip a meal. Make sure the meals are homecooked, and always eat slowly, stopping when you’re feeling full.


As we mentioned at the beginning, if you want to lose weight, you need to start exercising as well. Experts recommend being physically active for half an hour every day, and light weight exercise is the ideal way of losing weight. This training will melt your fat reserves and help you build new muscles.

Start with a 10-minute cardio exercise, then go for some weight training. We suggest a few sets of each exercise with a few minutes pause in between. Make sure to do the exercises until you feel your muscles strain.

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