April 6, 2020

Tribal societies believe that we ingest part of the essence of whatever we eat. In fact, that’s not so far from the truth. Albeit not in the spiritual sense, our memory, weight, mood even are definitely affected by what we put in our bodies. Generally our whole quality of life is defined by what we eat.

Recent studies have found that the ketogenic diet is perfect for weight-loss.  It’s based on a concept called ketosis. The idea is to deprive the body of carbohydrates  or carbs as I will refer to them further on in the text, so that it will burn up those pesky fats instead, making you lose weight. Carbs are typically prioritized and burnt up first. There’s also types of fat that can benefit you.  Let’s just call them the good fats. This diet basically strives to limit carbs and feed you good fats.  It’s called the ketogenic diet because ketones are a byprodut of fat being broken down into energy.  

This is your ketogenic diet plan:


Breakfast : An omelette with spinach, and sausages.

Eggs are on almost every table in the world for a reason. They have got a really high protein value. Don’t get hung up on the cholesterol levels. It doesn’t enter your blood stream. It’ll take you 15 minutes to get the omelette done. Add cheddar and spinach if you’ve got some on hand.

Lunch : A Salad

Cut up some tomatoes(whichever way you prefer; rings, chunks), add some white cheese and douse the whole thing with olive oil. Optionally you can add cucumber.

Dinner : Roast salmon

Roast the salmon at around 420 degrees fahrenheit. Put some salt and vegetable oil to add should be done in around 15 minutes.


Breakfast : Pan fried eggs and bacon.

Crack a couple of eggs and dump them over a thin layer of vegetable oil. Cut up some bacon into strips; the thinner you get the pieces the crispier it’ll be. There’s lots of protein in this meal and it should keep you going for a couple of hours at the least.

Lunch : Salad

Mix in some tomatoes, onions and spinach and then douse the whole thing with apple cider vinegar. Add some bacon for more corpulence.

Dinner : Low carb  cheese burgers

For this one you’ll need beef. When it’s done(cooked). Sandwich the cheese using the beef you cooked.


Breakfast : Egg muffins

Beat some eggs and cheese into a liquidish mix. If you’d like you can add vegetables . When you’re pour the mix into muffin tins, or if you haven’t got any wrap them in tinfoil. Bake at 320 degrees fahrenheit.

Lunch : Indian paneer or Cottage cheese

Both products are really low in carbs. Whichever you pick, you’ll do no wrong. You might as well snack on some indian or pistaccio nuts to make it interesting.

Dinner : Grilled chicken wings and a salad

You’ll need some chicken wings for this one, grill or fry them. Eat with a green salad.


Breakfast : Eggs

Make your choice between an omelette or fried eggs, or if you’ve still got any muffin leftovers go with that.

Lunch : Tuna

On its own it might be too much, but if you turn it into a salad type meal it can really sate your appetite. If you really want to make it fun, try a tuna-avocado salad. You can add any other type of green vegetable.

Dinner : shredded cabbage

Use a single head of cabbage. Shred and then boil it down into a single mixture using beef, garlic and onions. Add butter and salt.


Breakfast : Leftover Eggs

Drink a cup of coffee with this one. Coffee is a notorious energy booster, but if it’s getting you too jumpy use decaf.

Lunch : Cauliflower

For this one, chop up some cauliflower and fry-pan it. Add some ground beef to give it a more meaty taste.

Dinner : Meatloaf

To make it into the low-carb end of the spectrum, instead of using bread to bind the meatloaf use some mushrooms.


Breakfast : Eggs

Lunch : Tacos

This one is best with sour cream. For the stuffing use beef.

Dinner : Roasted pork

Roast your pork with some veggies. Rub it in with salt and garlic powder to make it juicy.


Breakfast : Paprika Omelette

Cut the paprika into chunks and add it to your omelette. There’s lots of B vitamin in paprika. Careful not to grab the hot ones.

Lunch : Chicken breast

There’s lots of protein to be gained from this one. Soy sauce or sour cream goes great with it.

Dinner : Casserole

Either go with beef or pork. Put it in the oven some paprika, cheddar and onions. It should go for around 30 minutes at 320 degrees fahrenheit.

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