Coconut Oil Coffee That Burns Fat, Lowers Inflammation, and Tastes Great

August 29, 2019

Are you a coffee lover too? Nowadays, we can choose from various cups of coffee, coffee creamers, different flavors, etc, but most of these are full of sugar, chemicals, and preservatives.

Therefore, despite the amazing taste they offer literally no other benefits. However, there is a way to enjoy the creaminess of your coffee, and boost your health at the same time!

The solution is- coconut oil!

This beneficial oil has an extensive list of health benefits it offers, including:

  • It is high in saturated fat, which boosts cell function and growth
  • It is made up of medium-chain triglycerides that energize the body
  • It contains lauric acid that treats inflammation in your body and fights colds.
  • The fatty acids it contains help weight loss and reduce appetite.

As you can see, coconut oil is a lot more than just an ingredient you use when making ginger bread. It’s an amazing skin care product, and also promotes weight loss.

Did you know that coconut oil can be used in the treatment of yeast infections? It’s definitely the thing to use when enhancing digestion and boosting immunity.

Compounds in coconut oil ward off infections and diseases. It may be a common ingredient in exotic cuisines, but we bet that you already have a tiny jar of cold-pressed coconut oil in your bathroom.  Yes, coconut oil can do wonders for your body, and we believe that you’ll use the best of it.

Now, here is how to add this oil to your cup of coffee and reap its benefits:

Brew your coffee, and pour it into the blender. Then, add a few tablespoons of unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil, and blend until it becomes frothy. You can add cinnamon or vanilla to enrich the flavor.

Now, just enjoy your “latte” and at the same time, boost your health!

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